Costco Series #5: 2014 Chateau de Thauvenay Sancerre

You guys…I’m terrible.  I hardly ever write any more.  Don’t think it means I haven’t been drinking because boy have I.  But, with work being crazier than a rat in a tin shit house, I barely have time to come home, change clothes, shower, kiss my fiancé, repack my bag and leave again.  I hate it.  Also, wedding planning is in full swing.  7 months and 2 days to go before the big day and while my opinion on wedding details is largely ignored, I have managed to secure some really good wine for the event.  I am super excited to marry an amazing woman who always encourages me to have another glass of wine.  She’s a keeper.

Tonight was address the “save the dates” night.  This generally requires a lot of text messages to get addresses from friends and a lot of wine to make sure my cursive game is on point so the addressed postcards look “elegant but casual.”  Whatever the hell that means.  I don’t think I have written in cursive since grade 4 so it should be quite magical.


“Honey, we got a save the date from Aaron and Katie.  Who wrote this?  Did Aaron have a stroke that we don’t know about?”  “Probably.  I think he’s an alcoholic.”

Hey.  Fuck you, people that I just made up.  It’s not my fault that wedding invites and anthrax laden missives are the only things that people hand-address in this country anymore and my writing has gone to shit.  Deal with it.

This perfectly segues (it doesn’t) into my next wine in the Costco Series!  2014 Chateau de Thauvenay Sancerre.  Anyone who knows me, or my blog, well knows that I am a total sucker for Sancerre.  French wine a lot of times doesn’t really do it for me but for some reason Sancerre just gets my motor running.  As you may or may not know, France labels their wine by the region it was produced in and not by the grape varietal as we do here in America.  Some producers who export to the US have started to change the way they label their wine but for the most part, it’s still pretty goofy.  Sancerre is an appellation in France and produces really great white wine which is largely Sauvignon Blanc.  This bottle actually happens to be 100% Sauv Blanc.  Sometimes winemakers will add in a little bit of juice from other grape varietals to give the wine a certain profile, or to balance acidity, or round out a flavor, or to give it complexity, or blah blah blah.  The point is, not all Sancerres are created equal.


This one, I had high hopes for.  It was the right price ($15), Costco generally has ok stuff at that price, and it is one of my favorite white styles of wine to drink.  I won’t say that this wine failed, but it definitely isn’t a winner in my book.  I shan’t be buying it again.  I love the fruit that it puts out right up front.  Really bright citrus flavors with some pear and apple winning the academy award for best supporting actor.  However, as soon as your brain can process the thought of, “Oh this is quite nice—WHAM!”  You get hit with this overwhelming blast of acidity that makes the back of your cheeks pucker.  I love an acidic, tart white wine and hate when stuff falls into that butter, oaky nonsense.  But this stuff could strip paint off a Buick.  I keep wanting to like it and have drank 3/4 of the bottle at this point, but every time it sneaks up on me and then punches me in the face.  As it warms to cellar temp (around 55 degrees F for you non wine nerds) it certainly goes down a lot easier but jimmy christmas I am having a hard time putting this stuff down.  I am going to do it because I am dedicated to my craft and to my readers, but just know the struggle that I go through for all of you.  Maybe someone who is better at wine pairing could suggest something for me to eat with it and it might be better.  I will admit that I made salmon with a beurre blanc sauce and it did work nice to cut the fat of the butter in the sauce and the fat in the salmon, but it still was overkill for the amount of acid that the meal needed.  I will say in its defense that it isn’t that astringent type of acid.  Perhaps I am not making sense any longer but in my mind there are definitely different types of acidic flavor that exist in white wine.

My recommendation: Skip unless you like extremely acidic whites.  The price is right to cook with it if you want a nicer white to use in some kind of stew or sauce but for me, it’s a no-go for cracking open on its own.  Now that I think of it, it might be good with a really creamy, semi-firm cheese.  Who knows?  You guys can try it if you are feeling adventurous and let me know your thoughts!

I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you all.  Be good, kids.

One thought on “Costco Series #5: 2014 Chateau de Thauvenay Sancerre

  1. Having lived in France and spent time in Nantes, this wine brought back memories without me realizing the region (been in the USA 10 years now). I think it is great but as you say I am partial to tartness in many things!!?? ;-). Think it is well worth drinking when eating a food that you want to cleanse your palette. For my its sushi (working with the ginger). salutations.

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