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First off, I have to extend my apologies for not writing for 3 months.  I am not sure where the time has went, but with a combination of being extremely busy at work and trying to spend what little free time I have with Ms. Sybarite, life gets a little hectic.  Actually, I am not even sure when my next post will be after this one.  Nothing seems to exhibit any signs of slowing down.  I miss writing.  I have realized in the months that I have been away that this blog is fun and light-hearted and blah blah blah, but it also makes me sit down and focus on really how lucky I am in life and how enjoyable it is.  It’s easy to get caught up in the shit and I am naturally prone to negativity.  In reality, though, I live in a beautiful place and have a fiancé that encourages me to drink and then write about it.  Thoroughly good.

Enough sentimental crappy pap.  I know you don’t come to this blog to hear my poetic musings on the beauty of human consciousness.  So let’s catch up on the drunken escapades I have had over the last few months.


The Lady and I finally tasted at Scheid.  Scheid is a huge producer here in Monterey county.  They sell a ton of their fruit on the bulk market, meaning wineries from other areas can now make and bottle a, “Monterey County Pinot Noir” even though they are not close to here.  Sometimes, they will want Monterey county fruit to blend into their own wines because being that this area is so much cooler, a lot of times you end with a much higher acidity in the fruit.  In warmer areas, they may need to balance their locally grown fruit with a different fruit profile in order to get a complex wine that has good balance of ripe fruit and acidity.  Anywhoozle, I had previously drank some of Scheid’s wine under their own label many moons ago and didn’t really think much of it.  I hoped that in the years since we had last met they had gotten better.  Negative.  They have a great tasting room in Carmel-By-The-Sea and really knowledgable and friendly staff, but most of their wine is foul.  If you decide to try some of this, stay far away from their whites.  God awful.  The reds definitely were better but still left a lot ot be desired.  We did run into a couple decent red blends they were pouring but my feeling is you seem to not do yourself many favors when your customers have to sift through the haystack to find the needle.  In their defense, they did pour us some very nice reserve wines they had and they were great.  Definitely not worth the $60+ price tag they had on them but still good in their own right.  Verdict: Skip.  It’s poo-poos.



It’s now summer (in California summer lasts from April to October).  Wedding season in upon us.  A friend of ours got married this May and had a fun little wedding out in the Santa Cruz mountain area.  They actually had some pretty decent wine available which is pretty rare for a wedding.  It was a small ceremony with great bbq and a great party.  I got decently hammered off of Acacia Chardonnay and decided it was time to invoke some artistic license with the bbq bibs that were provided.  Getting drunk and embarrassing my fiancé in front of her friends is probably my favorite hobby.

I'm Hilarious

I’m Hilarious


Summer also means it’s time to drink wine on the beach.  Figge Chard makes the beautiful Monterey Bay beaches that much more enjoyable.  Day drunk is the best kind of drunk.  Also, I bottled this wine.  I volunteered for Figge a couple of days and happened to be there for bottling day of the 2012 Chardonnays.  I am going to ride that fame until the end of the vintage.


Monterey Beer Festival


The Sybarites and the In-Laws went to the Monterey Beer Festival.  I think there was something like 70 different craft breweries there along with all the fried food your inner fat kid could ever want.  We had the chance to try some really interesting stuff like Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout with Chai Spice, and some old favorites like Lagunitas IPA.  There was actually even a beer from Spain there and it happened to be the beer that I bonded with while in Spain in 2013, Estrella Damm.  Such a fantastic beer for drinking outside.  Light but still full of flavor.  Another highlight was Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer.  Somewhere close to a beer in ABV%, it made me so happy to know that there is a ginger beer I can use for Kentucky Mules that will add some booze to the party.  I don’t know that I really had any beers from breweries I was totally unaware of or any beers that absolutely blew me away, but it was certainly nice to have all of the old favorites in one spot and get little sips of each one.  It was a great event but I have to say that the VIP ticket is totally worth the money because it got crowded toward the end.  Call me crazy, but I don’t really love waiting in line 20 minutes for 3 ounces of a beer I have had before.  At any rate, you can’t have a bad day when you are drinking beer in the sunshine.



Croquet Party


Another good friend turned the dreaded 3-0 this week and had her party at the croquet club in San Francisco.  We donned our best all-white douchewear and headed up to the city for a wicket good time.  She actually had some great rosé there for everyone to sip on while they played some lawn golf.  I wish I had written down the name because it was actually super tasty.  Lawn games and pink wine are the pinnacle of any caucasian’s summer.  Maybe it’s the rosé talking, but I am considering quitting my job to become a professional croquet player.


It has been a busy few months, but I have managed to sneak in some time to drink, of course.  Unfortunately, not enough time to drink and write.  I have so much more to write about on deck, I just need to find time to actually do it.  More from the Costco series, another Trader Joe’s review, and some generally yummy stuff.  Enjoy your summer!

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