2010 Domaine Sylvain Bailly Prestige Sancerre

Ms Sybarite and I went out last night and had an excellent dinner at one of our favorite places in Monterey, The Sardine Factory.  Their sommelier has never let me down and this time was no exception. I told him I was looking for a good Sauvignon Blanc or an interesting Sancerre (which is also Sauvignon Blanc).  He recommended this bottle and I have to say it is probably one of the best bottles of Sancerre I have ever had. The other great thing is that since Sancerre is pretty underappreciated in the US (or at least western US) you can usually find a great bottle for relatively cheap.  Usually Sauvignon Blancs/Sancerres are very sharp and acidic but have fresh, grassy flavors to go with it. This one, however, had the acid I wanted for the fish but also had a rich texture to it that I usually associate with a chardonnay. I don’t know what this bottle costs in real life but it can’t be more than about 30 bucks. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for this bottle wherever fine wines are sold and I suggest you should too. It could just change your life.


Quick post for now. I should post another this weekend to try and make up for the month of silence. I hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Contact me if you need help picking wine for your holiday festivities!

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