COSTCO SERIES #2: 2011 Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon

What a ball of stress September has been.  I have basically spent my entire month in the Arizona desert doing my lettucey duties.  As much as it is a desert in the traditional sense, it is also a desert for wine.  I haven’t had a drop of wine in many moons. It’s no way to live.  Also, Miss Sybarite desperately needed a new phone and since the new iPhone was just released, it seemed like a great time to pick up the previous generation one for cheaper.  That also turned out to be the most stressful day(s) we have had in a while.  Note: Do not EVER go to Radio Shack to purchase a phone.  They probably have the most inept staff that has ever worked at any place ever in history.  We decided wine was in order and I wanted to fill in the next installment of the Costco series.

I'm a little box full of stress.

I’m a little box full of stress.

A lot of people, especially in California, love Cabernet Sauvignon.  There are more acres of Cabernet planted in California than any other red wine variety (Chardonnay edges it out barely).  It was our thing here in California to produce and drink great Cab.  That is until “Sideways” came out and everyone decided they loved Pinot.  Anyway, it’s not surprising that when you walk into a supermarket and wander into the wine section you will see a TON of Cabernet.  Costco is no exception.  They do a good job of having a variety of wine but still carry a lot of Cab, which probably only reflects the amount of production here in California rather than specifically the demand for it in the store.  Either way, we ended up with the 2011 Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon.


MIss Sybarite took a sip before I did and immediately made a sour face.  She was right.  It was awful but I hoped that it would get better with a little air.  I mean, it is a Cab after all.  To be fair, it did get better with air but the bad news is that it didn’t help it enough.  This stuff isn’t great.  The last $10 bottle I had from Costco really exceeded my expectations whereas this one very much disappointed me.  It has no body that is characteristic of Cabernet and completely flat fruit flavors.  I don’t know what this is trying to be but I really hope no one planned for it to taste the way it does.


This is the danger with wine that is on the more inexpensive side.  Sometimes you get a great bottle and sometimes you get absolute sewage.  It is still worth it to make the journey and find those bargains that are really enjoyable, especially if you need to get wine for a wedding or family function and are going to go through a couple cases.  But, I just can’t in good conscience recommend this bottle for anything but cooking.  I don’t think I have absolutely shit on anything I have blogged about before.  I try to find decent things to say about something even if it isn’t my favorite.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t have any redeeming qualities as far as I can tell.  Avoid this one on your next trip to Costco.  I am going to be dumping this one down the sink.  I dislike it that much.  They must have good Cab there for a decent price and though I am not a huge Cab drinker, now I feel I must find you one!  Stay tuned and thanks for bearing with me with my spotty blog presence.  Life has really gotten in the way lately but my goal is to get back to my weekly posting soon.

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