2012 Runquist 1448


I apologize for my absenteeism. I am even doing this blog from my phone. I have been working like a dog and can’t seem to get a free second to have a drink let alone tell you all about it. But I cracked this bottle tonight. It’s a table wine blend from Jeff Runquist out of Plymouth, CA. A fantastic winemaker. I really can’t get enough of his stuff. This bottle is about 50% petit verdot with the next big percentage being barbera and then a bunch of other varietals. It produces an absolutely incredibly spicy blackberry flavor with a strong backbone. It’s a wine fine enough to serve to guests but inexpensive enough to open for no reason at all. Go pick up a bottle. I found mine at whole foods. You can always go direct to jeffrunquistwines.com. I am not ignoring you, my faithful readers. I will get back into the swing of things soon! Until then, enjoy something delicious and contact me if you happen across something you think I will like!

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