2013 Margerum Riviera

It’s officially summer.  So here comes another post in the myriad of others about how delicious rosé is for the summer heat.  Cliche, I know.  I had a long day out in the lettuce fields in really warm weather and driving home all I could think about was that bottle of rosé in the cold box.  I got home and Miss Sybarite was already there which was fantastic after a couple days away from home.  We cracked that bottle of Margerum Riviera and took a load off after a long and stressful week.


This is great juice.  It is a rosé of Grenache so I would expect it to have some complexity given that Grenache is a medium bodied grape but can have a lot of spice and depth to it.  It has a light effervescence that kind of tickles your tongue but is barely there.  Not even as much as some Pinot Grigios I have had.  It, like many rosés has that huge fresh berry burst right up front, but this one is cut with a little bit of acid and balanced with some sort of dry, almost musty flavor right at the very end and into the aftertaste.  I love a good, dry rosé and you rarely find them here in the states and especially not in California, however they are growing in popularity and production.  In my experience, a lot of the rosé is an overly sweet, syrupy mess.  Margerum’s Riviera is so light but still has a lot of bold flavor that could stand up against most foods you would bring on a picnic.  Let’s face it.  Rosé is just made to be drank outdoors in the sunshine, even though I personally did not do this yesterday afternoon.  That’s why it’s important that it stands up to picnic food!  The acid in this wine would cut through your classic coleslaw or pasta salad, be just sweet enough to go with a green salad and a vinaigrette dressing, and be rich enough to drink with a seafood salad for the main course.  It also could be great with those little pinwheel tortilla wrap deals.  I love those things.

Look at that color

Look at that color

I know Margerum will always have a special place in my heart due to one of my first posts and my namesake.  I try to get to their tasting room anytime I am luck enough to visit Santa Barbara.  They just opened a second room as well which is fun because there is usually a more focused interesting tasting at that room.  The last time I was there they had all of their Syrahs on the tasting menu.  It’s fun to see the differences between the vineyards around the Santa Ynez production area.  But all of my emotional attachment aside, this is just a great wine.  It’s what I want to drink when I am outside.  It is really the best $21 you can ever spend.



Grab a bottle or 12 of this online from Margerum’s website or wander into their tasting rooms in downtown Santa Barbara.  I haven’t had a wine from them that I don’t like.  They do a fantastic job of making really affordable, yet high-quality wines.  I think, if I ever do get to move to the Santa Barbara area, I will probably just sign over my paycheck to Margerum every month.  I don’t even feel bad about it.  But, it is probably for the best that I don’t live there.

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