Mother’s Wine Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend.  I live about 400 miles from my mother which doesn’t make Sunday holidays very feasible for a visit down south.  My mom is probably one of the most genuine people I know and is a woman of simple taste when it comes to food and drink.  A steak and a baked potato and she couldn’t be happier.  She likes what she likes and doesn’t really care where it might fall on my Sybarite scale.  Currently, her favorite wine is the Merlot from Cupcake Vineyards, but in a pinch she will settle for the Cab.

I almost can’t stomach the stuff but that isn’t what’s important when it comes to wine.  She likes it.  Wine is a very personal experience which explains the vast diversity of wines on the market.  Not every wine is going to appeal to every person.  However, she is clearly getting something that a majority also gravitate toward given the amount of production that Cupcake has.  Call me a snob if you wish (though I try hard to avoid that title), but if I am going to shell out $8 of my hard earned dollars I would rather have a quality craft beer than a not so quality wine.

She really tries though, I think mainly for me because she knows I love wine so much.  She and my dad were going to open a bottle of her beloved Cupcake this weekend and she says to him, “Go ahead and open that bottle and let it breathe.”  My dad stares and responds with a simultaneously adoring and sarcastic tone and says, “Jan, the vintage on this bottle says, ‘Tuesday.’  I don’t think we need to ‘let it breathe.’”


It’s all those goofy little things that make her so much fun.  I’ll never forget when my parents came to visit and I took them wine tasting.  I had such a great plan laid out.  3 wineries, lunch, possible one more depending on how we felt, and they’d be out on the drive home like two kids after a day at disneyland.  We got through 2 rooms and my mom was having a giggle fit like I have never seen.  I called my brother and had to make him a part of it.


Jon: “Hey Ugly, what’s up?” (That’s what he calls me)
Me:  “Hey Jon…”

Jon:  “Oh god you gave her wine didn’t you…”


We had a ball that day despite having to feed them earlier than planned.  Mom is always fun, that is unless you decide to take a plastic golf club to her prized Plumeria when you are about 5 years old.  That is a good way to get her to spank you so hard you wont be able to sit for a week.  You can trust me on this one folks.  I did the proper research.  She painted my back porch red.

Even though simple, hearty food was always the norm around our house, Mom always made dinner time important to us.  I didn’t recognize it then but sharing a satisfying meal with people that you love, became something that I still value to this day.  The food has changed, the drink has definitely changed, but Mom always stays the same.  So tonight I am cheers-ing my mom from a long distance and saying Happy Mother’s Day and I love you.

By the way, I am drinking a 2009 Pietra Santa Sangiovese tonight.  It’s pretty good for the price (~$16).  Really juicy, ripe, fruit flavor.  It has plenty of age on it to have complexity but it has that bright, freshly-pressed fruit flavor to it.  Pick some up and make some pasta and be happy.

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